The Ross Family

Sixteen years ago, Phil and Debbi Ross found a brand new, brick Colonial that was perfectly suited for the couple and their two children. Then the kids turned 16, and even though the house had plenty of room for all the family, vehicle shelter was another matter entirely.

“We had a three car garage,” said Phil. But with four drivers and four cars, “we had more cars than spaces.” Something had to give, so Phil called Gittleman Construction Company.

“I knew Scott (Gittleman),” he said. “They had done some repair work for us before.”

Fortunately, the house was surrounded by enough land so the addition of a fourth bay was worked seamlessly into the home style to provide the ultimate space for

everyone’s ride without compromising aesthetics. “They made it match perfectly,” said Phil, of Gittleman’s work. “That was probably the hardest part.”

Although the children are now on their own, that fourth bay isn’t empty. Indeed, the couple occasionally houses an extra car for their kids and Phil especially likes to put a roof over his classic–a 1986 Buick Grand National.

As to further additions, the Ross family is pretty well situated–for now. “Maybe some window replacements,” said Phil, confident that Gittleman will be the one to do the job.

So when your kids grow up into drivers and you run out of room for all the big toys, get the space you need by adding onto the home you love with a phone call to Gittleman.