The Morrison Family

David and Deborah Morrison loved the “good bones” of their 1926 Tudor home, so when they needed more room they chose

to stay where they were—and call Gittleman Construction Company.

“I felt they could honor the spirit of an old house,” said Deborah.

“It was a challenging job because of the age of the house,” added David, “and the standards of reproduction we wanted.”

And what they wanted is what Gittleman delivered—on time, without hassle and in perfect harmony with the home’s intrinsic character. Quarter sawn oak mission-style cabinetry that makes the kitchen a “show stopper,” said David. A new family room and

mud room enjoyed daily by the couple and their four daughters. New exterior finishes that match the original. And, a master suite that both Deborah and David deem their favorite.

“I do like that room,” said Deborah. “It’s almost like being in a bird house, very pretty with lots of windows.”

The challenges of updating early 20th century construction were taken in stride and resolved perfectly by Gittleman, David said, resulting in an 80-year-old home that lives like it was built yesterday.

So next time your near-historic home needs a nurturing renovation, rely on Gittleman to preserve its character and prepare it for a future filled with family memories.