The Kowalski Family

When Tom and Barb Kowalski decided it was time to upgrade their master bathroom and closet in their 1979 colonial, the decision to hire Gittleman was a simple one. In addition to the fact that Gittleman had done kitchen renovations for them three years prior, the Kowalskis knew Gittleman brought more than just superior craftsmanship to the table.

“We had a high level of confidence in their work and knew they were knowledgeable,” Tom explained. “But we also knew Gittleman would be easy to work with because they have all of the building contractors available to do the job from start to finish.”

Gittleman came up with a solution for the Kowalskis that was lower in cost than what they had anticipated. They now enjoy a spacious master bath and closet, which extend over the first floor family room and provide an extra 130 square feet of living space.

Barb said the decision to turn to Gittleman was based on the assurance their team provided in the past. “It’s about trust. You have these people coming in and out of your home when you’re not there and you can trust them to clean up after themselves and double lock the door before they leave.”

The finished project encompasses everything the Kowalskis were looking for — more space, more light and premium features — and has added to the entire home’s ambiance. “It upgrades the whole house to a more contemporary style of living that you would see in a new home,” Tom noted. “It makes the master bedroom more usable and house far more resalable.”

So the next time you want to expand your living space and enhance your life, turn to someone you can trust to give you what you are looking for at a price that’s fair — turn to Gittleman.  JUST ASK THE KOWALSKIS.