The Holloway Family

Carolyn and Randy Holloway loved to entertain. The problem was, with three growing children and a cramped combined family room and kitchen, they hardly had room for themselves, much less all of their friends. So, they called Gittleman Construction Company on an acquaintance’s recommendation, and got the space they’d always wanted.

Having only had a minor mudroom renovation before, the Holloway family had little idea what to expect when they proposed to add 560 sq. ft. to their home, turning the small, obsolete kitchen and family room into a host’s dream – “It made our home a lot more livable,” said Randy.

Even better was the level of customer service which is “Gittleman’s special touch.” Carolyn, in particular, was impressed – she had a household to run,

and out of a basement, to boot. “It was important to me, that they were there when they said they’d be there.” And they were. The team was prompt and tidy, cleaning the workspace every day.

Now the Holloways entertain comfortably in their new space, enjoying the company of family and friends in rooms designed with their specific needs in mind. “This was a large job, but they finished on time and on budget, and the end result was wonderful,” said Randy.

And Gittleman is welcome back to the Holloways’ anytime. “I became friends with them,” added Carolyn warmly. “They were so prompt, and so organized – very easy to get along with.” Too bad the renovation’s over. But when the time comes to expand your social itinerary, and your home along with it, you can count on Gittleman.