The Green-Peters Family

Really, there wasn’t much wrong with the California contemporary where Alan Greene and Marilyn Peters raised their two children.

“When we first moved in all we really needed to do were some minor modifications,” said Alan who, with his wife, was smitten by the quality of materials and enduring aesthetics of the architect-designed home. But when Marilyn’s recent decision to change the kitchen countertops became a down-to-the-studs redo, the couple decided “maybe it was time” to do everything they’d ever dreamed of to the house they’d enjoyed living in for 19 years. That’s when they called Gittleman Construction Company.

“What Gittleman did first was design a new master suite…and then we worked with them on reconfiguring doorways and hallways,” said Alan. As the job

progressed, the couple expanded the scope of the work. “As we went along, we added things…we just figured, if we are doing it, let’s just do everything.”

Now, Marilyn “absolutely loves” the results of what became a total home renovation. The all new master suite with its huge closet and new private bath is a wonderful respite. Three other bathrooms finally reflect the choices of Greene and Peters. The foyer, as redesigned by Gittleman, once again makes a dramatic welcome with refreshed space and the addition of a skylight.

“When we first moved in, we thought we would probably move out of this house,” said Alan. “But we liked the location and now, we’ll clearly stay here for a while. I want to enjoy it. Everything is new.” College student Sara and college grad Alex especially enjoy returning to their completely updated childhood home.

So when the home you fall in love with starts to show its age, you could move on or you could give it a whole new look with a phone call to Gittleman.