The Goldman Family

When Stefanie and Brian Goldman began looking for a new home four years ago, they set their criteria but soon discovered that nothing was going to match what they wanted, exactly. They wanted waterfront, they wanted privacy, they wanted spectacular.

“What we found was an old, old house on an incredible lot, on a great lake, with lots of privacy, ” said Brian. They decided this was the house of their future, moved in and then called Gittleman Construction Company.

“As soon as we met Scott (Gittleman) I knew we would work with him,” said Brian. “He not only had great ideas, he had a lot of vision.”

Over the next six months, Scott and his team moved walls and replaced them with panoramic windows, gutted the kitchen and rebuilt it with

everything state-of-the-art, installed hardwood floors. Basically, said Brian, they transformed the Goldman’s “dingy…worst of the 80’s house” into something “fabulous.”

“We are very pleased with everything they did. They made it more functional for our lifestyle” not to mention absolutely gorgeous, he said. “These people really know what they are doing.”

Now Brian, Stefanie and their 11-month old daughter Ellory enjoy a Tommy Bahama lifestyle in a luxury home they never want to leave — and rarely do. Said Brian, “It’s like coming home to a vacation paradise every single night.”

So next time you find a lot that you love with a house you don’t like, remember that one phone call to Gittleman Construction Company can turn it into the home of your dreams.