The Cook Family

When water seeped its way into the home of Sean and Dianne Cook, the damage was so severe that the kitchen and second floor bath needed to be completely refurbished.

Sean, a lawyer, and Dianne, a teacher, are the parents of two children and lead very active lives. They knew that whom they chose to repair the damage to their home was going to be an important decision.

“My wife and I are both very busy, and Gittleman said they would take care of everything – from dealing with the insurance company to dealing with the contractors – and inconvenience us as little as possible in the process,” noted Sean, adding that Gittleman did a great job of notifying them in advance of any new developments.

Sean said he felt confident from the beginning that Gittleman could handle the size of the project. “This was a big job that needed to be managed by someone. The rooms needed to be completely gutted down to the studs. Gittleman did a great job of making sure it was done right.”

Furthermore, Sean said he was impressed with Gittleman’s service approach – so impressed that he recommended them to others even before the project was complete. “When you call them, they call you back. They were proactive with both communication and setting expectations.”

So the next time Mother Nature decides to turn on you, turn to the people who will accommodate your lifestyle. Turn to Gittleman.